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Florida Everglades Tours

Ready to ride through the Everglades? We offer boat rides, swamp buggy rides and more. Book your tour today!

Everglades Nature Tours is taking the South Eastern Florida Everglades by storm! We are the one-stop touring company that is ready for your Everglades adventure in any way you want to see nature. We customize and cater to your wants and desires as best we can. Our higher-end airboat, FREEDOM, is for those who want to tour in first-class private luxury. We also have another boat called  ‘Stars and Stripes’. For our deep thicket adventurers who want to get away from the tourist areas and go further into the national park, take a drive on our nostalgic swamp buggy that sloshes through the sloughs and cypress thicket for further range tours. Picking up the pace at ground level, we invite hikers and walkers for a more up close and personal swamp and prairie experience. For total comfort in A/C, try our van tours. If you or your family love fishing, we have some honey hole action in both the freshwater and saltwater arenas as well. Pick the perfect tour for you today!