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  • ENT's owners have in combination over 88 years of customer satisfaction in the travel and tourism industry.

  • Our Professional Gladesmen have over 35 years of experience adventuring through the Glades.

  • Our Guides have a plethora of knowledge of the Everglades; history, ecosystem, seasons, trees, flowers, animals, birds and reptiles.

  • ALL our fishing boat captains are USCG Certified 100 ton Masters and none have less than 25 years of chartering experience worldwide. Our Chief Captain of Airboat operations is a REAL maritime captains and has ridgidly trained all of our air boat operators via the standard navigable USCG regulations and programs. All tour operators are skilled and educated at being mechanics and work on their boat's maintenance on a regular schedule. They have been trained how to handle most situations should they arise. This alone, makes ENT stand tall and proud of our safety and reliability aspects and what makes us different.

  • English and Spanish speaking tours are readily available. All other languages need to inquire about translators.

  • Our tours are not just a ride or a walk. We pride ourselves in making our tours informative, educational and fun for the whole family. Don’t be persuaded to just go on a boat ride filled with folks you don't know because it’s inexpensive, take a tour that you will remember the rest of your life; because you'll get to experience a unique ecosystem up close and personally.

  • No two tours are alike; it’s always an adventure, not only for you as a visitor but for your professional and permitted Everglades guide as well.

  • Natural habitat tours for those who want to get back to nature or tour the footsteps of the Tequesta, Callusa, Seminole and Miccosukee Indians.

  • No cages, no feeders, no animal care givers. This is as wild, adventurous tour as you will find in the South Florida (SoFlo) Everglades.

  • ENT is Licensed and Permitted Commercial operators in the Big Cypress National Preserve, Everglades National Park, Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida.

  • We assist with transfer service upon request from Islamorada to North Miami Beach.

  • ENT caters to the South Eastern Everglades. Having such a diverse company with activities over 50 square miles, we will not pin point an exact address until you are booking. We serve to mostly those visiting Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Naples to Islamorada Key with everyone and everything in between. (More information about our location see FAQ pages)

  • Wondering why we don't have many Yelp, Trip Advisor or Foursquare reviews? ENT is brand new, we opened our doors June 1st of 2014, but our owners and guides are old news. They have been in the chartering, traveling, guiding and agency business over 1/2 of their lives. You will find that some of our guides have been with other companies in the Glades and were given all high recommendations by customers and owners. Most of what you can find on the web we have put in "The Voice" tab of this site for easy viewing.

  • Sunny SoFlo has 3 temperatures: cool, warm and hot. Depending on the time of year please dress accordingly. If rain is called for on your day of touring wear rain gear or poncho (ponchos do not do well on airboat to keep you dry).

  • No matter what the weather wear closed toe shoes that can get muddy or wet, wear a hat to block the sun, wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • Binoculars, Camera, video camera and water pouch for cell phone in case of rain.

  • Combination tours should think about packing a snack or lunch. There are areas very close to tours to purchase something to eat.

  • Always bring your friends…

*At any point during any and all ENT tours you have the possibility of seeing and photographing the following animals that live in the Everglades National Park and The Big Cypress National Preserve:

Mammals Reptiles Amphibians
Florida White Tail Deer Alligator Florida Cottonmouth Florida Cricket Frog
Florida Black Bear Green & Brown Anole Knight Anole Oak Toad
Florida Panther Florida Scarlet Snake Eastern Racer Southern Toad
Red Fox Squirrel Boa Constrictor Eastern Diamondback Greenhouse Frog
Gray Squirrel Southern Ringneck Snake Eastern Indigo Snake Eastern Narrow-Mouth Toad
Raccoon Corn Snake Yellow Rat Snake Green Tree Frog
Opossum Everglades Rat Snake Southeastern Five-Lined Skink Squirrel Tree Frog
Florida Bobcat Eastern Mud Snake Tokay Gecko Cuban Tree Frog
Wild Feral Hogs Indopacific Gecko Tropical House Gecko Florida Chorus Frog
Rabbits Eastern Hognose Snake Common Iguana Little Grass Frog
Armadillo Florida King Snake Scarlet King Snake Pig Frog
Nutria Eastern Coach Whip Eastern Coral Snake Southern Leopard Frog
Beaver Mangrove Salt Marsh Snake Florida Water Snake Eastern Spade Foot Toad
Skunk Florida Green Water Snake Brown Water Snake Two-Toed Amphiuma
Otter Rough Green Snake Island Glass Lizard Peninsula Newt
Raccoon Eastern Glass Lizard Burmese Python Everglades Dwarf Siren
Opossum Brahminy Blind Snake Striped Crayfish Snake Greater Siren
 Grey Fox Ground Skink South Florida Swamp Snake  
Coyote Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake Florida Reef Snake  
  Eastern Garter Snake Florida Soft Shell Turtle  
  Florida Snapping Turtle Florida Chicken Turtle  
  Gopher Tortoise Striped Mud Turtle  
  Florida Mud Turtle Diamondback Terrapin  
  Peninsula Cooter Florida Red Belly Turtle  
  Stinkpot Florida Box Turtle  
Keep the gift giving going for the children...On all private tours children 10 and younger go free in the month of December, Limited to two children free per tour. Sale starts Dec 5th through Dec 24th. +++ +++ Christmas Countdown is here, give an adventure tour this year as a gift, it's different, it's fun and it will be the best gift of the year.