captain ozzie-gonzalez
Capt. Ozzie Gonzalez South Florida 40 years a successful land based hunting & tour guide and a accomplished 100 ton master captaining licensed offshore and swamp charter boatBe it by land or by sea, Capt. Ozzie Gonzalez has done it all in South Florida in a little over 40 years. A successful land based hunting / tour guide and a accomplished 100 ton master captaining licensed offshore and swamp charter boat captain. No doubt in anyone’s mind Capt. Ozzie Gonzalez lives for the outdoors. Since the age of 5 when his mother finally allowed his father to take him fishing and hunting, he never spent another day indoors.

This young man’s love for nature, especially the Everglades, never changed. Born and raised in Coconut Grove area of Miami, FL he spent a little more than half of his time fishing as he was able to ride his bike to docks. Being a young scallywag, he was thrilled at just being given the chance to be a wash down boy on the docks from ages 6 to 12.
capt oz 2
By 12 he started mating and the ocean was his until a few years ago when his call to inland nature had him wrapped up. He knew all too well what the Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park had to hold as his father would take him on the airboats, hunting and fishing out there every chance he got. As a young teenager, Capt. Ozzie Gonzalez found himself hooking up with some other hunters and heading to the swamps to spend the weekend out there to camp. Finding new trails and paths cut by the animals he would walk from sun up to sun down, stalking them. He grew to have great respect for the animals, flora, fauna and weather the Everglades had to hold.

He prizes himself of his hunts and guided tours he gives. There is no doubt his passion for the Everglades thrives and he loves to show and tell the world his story. He spends his private time wood carving fish and animals; his up close and personal relationship with the wild life is what makes his art work so detailed and beautiful. Whether you speak English or Spanish Capt. Ozzie Gonzalez is guaranteed to educate, have fun and always wear a smile.

captain erik lorentzen
Captain Erik Lorentzen is a decorated captain with a 100 ton master license, he is also ready for the any client who speaks English, Spanish, Norwegian or German"Be it by water" has always been Capt. Erik Lorentzen's motto. Another Miami-Dade born child who was destined to love the outdoors and everything it had to offer. Yes, it's true, he's been a Blue Water Roamer for years, but unconsciously, he has always found his way inland exploring nature.

The Lorentzen family moved to Highlands County, Florida in his mid youth. While being away from the ocean's edge, Capt. Erik Lorentzen found that his calling for inland flora and fauna started to explode. He found himself involved in the FFA and 4H clubs taking trips to the Everglades to explore the fishing and camping in the undisturbed natural preserve of the Everglades. His interests of life in the Glades grew so drastic that he decided to pick up photography in order to capture those moments for when he wasn't able to be out there; at least he could see them and ponder on what he had seen.
capt erik 2
As Capt. Erik Lorentzen grew, so did his eagerness to see what the rest of world had to hold. Being from a Viking family background of Norwegian commercial fishermen, Capt. Erik Lorentzen started his own voyage across the globe. He has wandered through the lands and fished the seas from Australia, Norway, Ecuador, Guatemala to Hawaii with an array of countries in between. Though his travels through life were because of fishing, he never went anywhere without touring or giving tours of rainforests, estuaries or Glades. One of his favorite places besides his beloved Everglades was the OSA peninsula of Costa Rica. He lived in the primary rainforest on the out skirts of Corcovado National Park and gave tours and fished for several years. He loved the fact that he found a place where both his worlds collided and he could be two places at once.

As time went by, Capt. Erik Lorentzen found himself back in Florida fathering a beautiful baby girl and had settled in Crystal River, FL on the Nature Coast.  Nature Coast, coincidence? We don't think so, we think it was his path back to his love of boats, nature and most of all talking to folks from around the world about his homeland...The South Florida Everglades.

An educated, decorated captain with 100 ton master license, he is also ready for the any client who speaks English, Spanish, Norwegian or German.

albert hernandez
Albert-headENT's, "Proud to be a Gladesman!” Native Miamian, Captain Albert Hernandez's obsession for the great outdoors was emanate early on. Born into a small family of 4 on the coastal waters of the fishing capital of world; Mother Nature didn't have to struggle too hard to show Albert the beauty upon her waters or the magnificence of her deep blue seas. At the age of 6, he was thrilled with bass fishing.  This little tyke was known to find these lunkers in all the nooks and crannies most wouldn't think about casting into. By 8 years old Albert was trying his hand at fly-fishing near the Miami airport lakes and in the Glades for a variety of different species.

albert 2Growing up, Captain Albert Hernandez convinced his Mom to be his personal Everglades and Miami taxi driver. She would drive him and his friends out into the Big Cypress and other areas off the Tamiami Trail for hunting and fishing and then back to the Miami charter boat docks where he would work as mate during his teen years. This job kept him out of trouble while pushing him to fulfill a life surrounded in Nature. After graduating high school, at the age of 18, Albert pursued his life long dream of a career in the great outdoors by entering the USCG Maritime school, where he became a Licensed 100 ton Master Captain with towing endorsement. Captain Albert Hernandez graduated in 1996 and began captaining private yachts throughout the USA, Bahamas and North Caribbean waters. While competing in fishing tournament circuits, Albert was gaining recognition as a contending fisherman because he had this bizarre attraction in finding fish that would always land his team in the money slots or in the top 5 slots of most tournaments.  Albert also held a piloting job in South Florida for the Biscayne Bay Pilots for a short time.

albert 3In 2002 Albert removed himself from the private sector of boating and opened up his own backcountry and offshore charter boat company, Extreme Fishing Charters. Though he loved his work, he found running 3 offshore boats and 2 back country boats kept him away from his wife and 3 sons way too much. In 2008, Captain Albert Hernandez entered his euphoric state when he was offered the opportunity to manage 15,000 acres of privately owned land and run a 70' sport-fish for a private owner. He could finally combine his love for hunting in the Everglades, as well as, guide offshore boating along with spending more time with his family in one job. To further enhance this opportunity, Albert was able to enjoy having his three sons following in his footsteps in loving and respecting all that Mother Earth has to offer.

Today, Captain Albert Hernandez's love of the Glades has him and his family continuing to enjoy the great outdoors by running DEK Freelancing, a contracted enterprise for ENT.  From salt water to fresh water fishing; to hunting hogs; to touring the Glades via airboat, Albert feels enthralled and accomplished in his beautiful everglades. To him, sharing his passion and respect of the South Florida outdoors with everyone he can has always been his 1st priority

edgar peralta
Edgar-headEdgar Peralta was born in 1977 in Puerto San Jose, Guatemala. He grew up on a little farm helping his father maintain the family ranch while keeping up with his schoolwork. In 1997, an opportunity of a lifetime was provided to him through a scholarship for two years of College for Agricultural Business in Central Valley, California. Taking advantage of that opportunity allowed him to not only learn another language but also learn the knowledge of high technology agriculture and computer science. Returning to Guatemala he realized the little ranch could not support a big family, so he started out on his own by working as a chauffer for a fishing lodge in Iztapa, Guatemala.   Having learned a second language gave him the advantage over other drivers and he mingled with the clients and upper management. Edgar drove for this fishing lodge for a couple of years, meeting many fishermen from around the world. He shared the culture and beauty of his home country through private short drives through other cities including Antigua, as well as, taking rides down to the coast where the volcanoes could be seen. His knowledge in management and computer science became invaluable when he got the opportunity to be an office assistant. Here, he advanced his office management skills and increased his customer service relationships.

Edgar 2After a few years, Edgar Peralta had the chance to develop a new fishing/vacation lodge from the ground up. He initiated all the planning for this new loge and created job descriptions for each position of the lodge’s personnel. A couple of months passed and Edgar was presented with the opportunity to rebuild a house abandoned for over two years. He turned this house into a 5 star fishing lodge in Guatemala. Guatemala is the capital of the world for sailfish and other billfish species. Edgar ran this lodge by himself for both the Chauffeuring of clients and running the office. Taking on both jobs cut down costs for Edgar but he soon realized he couldn’t continue in this manner and continue to give his clients the best of everything. Edgar hired and personally trained a chauffeur to handle all the driving and tours for the clients while he handled all the office management duties. Edgar knew that the chauffeurs were the first thing that the clients would base their experience on and presentation to the lodge was very important to their whole fishing trip.

Edgar 3Being the office manager didn’t stop in the office. Edgar was determined to take care of all clients’ needs at the lodge and worked hard to anticipate not only their needs but also their likes. This was challenging but rewarding for Edgar. His great work ethic paid off when Edgar was offered to be a manager assistant. Being an assistant required more responsibilities but also another move he took advantage of in order to learn more about fishing lodging and customer service. Being an office manager assistant got him more involved in government issues related to the fishing industry in Guatemala. He participates with the Tourism Department in the Guatemala City to develop new ideas in how to increase the fishing tourism for Guatemala; fighting for the law of conservation of the billfish in the coasts of Guatemala; and showing the people the importance of a live fish compared to a dead one. Edgar is currently part of the local Tourism Committee to develop and increase the Tourism in the Puerto San Jose area.

Edgar Peralta is now working at ENT helping to develop the Spanish side of the business from Guatemala.

mj attong
thornberry mj attongMJ Attong, born and raised in North Central Pennsylvania into a small family of 5, unknowingly, found her passion with the great outdoors, at a very young age while traveling, packing and organizing trips with family, the Girl Scouts, bands, and clubs. She's a detailer, with a little OCD in the mix...LOL.  This mixture actually benefited her in more ways than she could have imaged. In 10th grade, she committed herself to the USAF on a guaranteed job and scholarship program. She would become a special mobility tactical and strategic mission air traffic controller in the USAF. MJ was assigned to the 2069 COMM Group. This assignment provided her with training to cover every angle, and every detail of the mission and document it accordingly. She was trained in the very "traditional" methods of accountability and loyalty. Throughout the Service and beyond, she studied accounting, marketing and business development at multiple universities. Working as a convention hostess in the Traveling/Touring industry, she started developing the inner office skills, secrets, traits and experience you couldn't pick up while studying in college. Through this industry, she realized there was a huge need for High-end organized outdoor activities. She went on to land the Outdoor mj as a kidCoordinator Manager position at A&A Convention and Travel Services and her wings took flight. This extremely valuable experience began her work with numerous outfitters, which in turn, landed her a huge break with a very notarized company in the fishing industry, Artmarina. Here she used her previous skills, experience and schooling to develop not one, but four different High-end, outdoor activity vacations spots in countries beyond the United States. These developments were created in a short period of time. With Artmarina under her belt her career blossomed, to a successful business development consulting company bringing new lodge/outfitter entrepreneurs from across the world into this industry. The new lodge/outfitter outdoor activities have been ranked as 4-star and higher lodges. MJ Attong has been around the world fishing, hunting and providing Eco tourism in such remote places like Australia, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Galapagos and Alaska, just to name a few. She's been responsible for taking some of the greatest outdoor TV Show personalities and major outdoor magazines writers on great stories, footages and memories such as: Jose Wejebe, Mark Sosin, Larry Dahlberg, Bill Boyce, Flip Palette, Doug Olander, Tred Barta, Rick Murphy, George Poveromo and Guy Harvey.

mj-having-funOver the years, MJ Attong has been battling a demyelinating disease acquired while in the Service. Because of this disease, it recently appeared as if retirement was inevitable. But then a great opportunity and idea came across her plate.  Anyone who knows MJ knew she would not let her disability get in the way of this new adventure. Turning her attention inland, she used her passion, training, and experienced skills to develop a business plan that would bring back the old and introduce the new with a great twist; and that is how Everglades Nature Tours (a.k.a  "ENT") was born. This multi tiered touring company brings class, professionalism, hospitality and education to the swamp. ENT welcome’s any and all travelers, adventurers  and sportsmen who want a unique experience. Their slogan says it all; "Where pictures and adventure stories last a lifetime." MJ Attong has added conservation and preservation to her list of best qualities. She assists and lobbies to safe guard and protect its forestry. She will continue to safe guard the integrity of the Indian reservations and the lasting beauty of The Everglades, or as some call it "The North American Amazon."
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