ENT’s, “Proud to be a Gladesman!” Native Miamian,Captain Albert Hernandez’s obsession for the great outdoors was emanate early on. Born into a small family of 4 on the coastal waters of the fishing capital of world; Mother Nature didn’t have to struggle too hard to show Albert the beauty upon her waters or the magnificence of her deep blue seas. At the age of 6, he was thrilled with bass fishing.  This little tyke was known to find these lunkers in all the nooks and crannies most wouldn’t think about casting into. By 8 years old Albert was trying his hand at fly-fishing near the Miami airport lakes and in the Glades for a variety of different species.

Growing up, Captain Albert Hernandez convinced his Mom to be his personal Everglades and Miami taxi driver. She would drive him and his friends out into the Big Cypress and other areas off the Tamiami Trail for hunting and fishing and then back to the Miami charter boat docks where he would work as mate during his teen years. This job kept him out of trouble while pushing him to fulfill a life surrounded in Nature. After graduating high school, at the age of 18, Albert pursued his life long dream of a career in the great outdoors by entering the USCG Maritime school, where he became a Licensed 100 ton Master Captain with towing endorsement. Captain Albert Hernandez graduated in 1996 and began captaining private yachts throughout the USA, Bahamas and North Caribbean waters. While competing in fishing tournament circuits, Albert was gaining recognition as a contending fisherman because he had this bizarre attraction in finding fish that would always land his team in the money slots or in the top 5 slots of most tournaments. 

  Albert also held a piloting job in South Florida for the Biscayne Bay Pilots for a short time.

In 2002 Albert removed himself from the private sector of boating and opened up his own backcountry and offshore charter boat company, Extreme Fishing Charters. Though he loved his work, he found running 3 offshore boats and 2 back country boats kept him away from his wife and 3 sons way too much. In 2008, Captain Albert Hernandez entered his euphoric state when he was offered the opportunity to manage 15,000 acres of privately owned land and run a 70′ sport-fish for a private owner. He could finally combine his love for hunting in the Everglades, as well as, guide offshore boating along with spending more time with his family in one job. To further enhance this opportunity, Albert was able to enjoy having his three sons following in his footsteps in loving and respecting all that Mother Earth has to offer. 

Today, Captain Albert Hernandez’s love of the Glades has him and his family continuing to enjoy the great outdoors by running DEK Freelancing, a contracted enterprise for ENT.  From salt water to fresh water fishing; to hunting hogs; to touring the Glades via airboat, Albert