Walking on the Wild Side, “The swamp muck slogging wet walk” Whether on the highlands or the wetlands of The Big Cypress National Preserve or The Everglades National Park, being one with nature is the most adventurous tour one will ever take in the Florida Everglades. This vastly preserved eco system will surprise even the most educated biologist/naturalist visiting.

Everglades Nature Tours walking tours will keep you in awe as you venture through the umbrellaed cool water, cross-grass, rock, cypress trees, vegetation, Spanish moss and fern trails. What makes Everglades Nature Tour walking tour super special is that your tour guide is a true Gladesman/hunter. He will be able to point out more animal life and tracks than just a guy looking for his paycheck; our guide lives, eats and breaths these woods and has trampled through them for over 35 years.

This North American “Amazon” will have you seeing breath taking views of beautiful and exotic wild flowers, trees and animal life found no where else in the world. If we challenged you to get dirty on Swamp Mud, we triple dog dare you to get down and dirty by “Walking on the Wild Side.” So step out of the city and let’s go for a mucky adventure walk together!

Cypress “knees” and saw grass require that all guests wear long sleeves, pants and closed-toed shoes (a pair of old sneakers work well). For the wet walks, we suggest bringing along a change of clothes, including shoes, for the ride home.