In The Sights (ITS), “The world of hooks and cross hairs.” ENT’s sportsmen’s venue covers a variety of activities. From fresh water to salt water fishing to hunting gator, turkey, deer and hog. Our guides will take any sports enthusiast out on their preferable liking. From all avenues of the South Florida sporting world our hunting guides to our fishing guides are outfitted with top of the line equipment. With Pro staff lines from Temple Fork Outfitters to Bass Pro Outfitters, we have your gear waiting for you to come enjoy.

We are a ecological nature company. We do our part to assist in harvesting Gators, Deer, turkey and hogs as well as all invasive specious (python, constrictors, mambas, monitors, Brazilian peppers, potato plants, melaleuca and so many more) that are destroying are fragile ecosystem. Over 60 years ago our government destroyed a very large portion of this fragile ecosystem and now we are trying to resurrect it. A balanced ecosystem in today’s parks with invasive species and manmade disasters are the problems we face here in the Everglades. We feel we are doing our part “the right way”. Our guides are proactive when it comes to folks abusing the Everglades. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for in this fishing and hunting sector,ITS. We are the true NATURE for tourism, we understand a balanced ecosystem when man destroyed it and now trying to fix their destruction.

All our hunts and fishing venues are booked by talking one on one with our professional guides and captains. They want to make sure you understand the Everglades’ sporting side and your best opportunities during the time you are traveling. So if you are looking for that long legged swamp turkey, that black Russian hog or want to go on our skiffs and/or airboat to cast a line at Snakeheads, bass, tarpon, bonefish and a wide variety of other native and non-native fish these guides have them all in their sights. Don’t hesitate we got some of the greatest blood hound captains and guides in South Florida.

As in most anywhere you travel for sporting adventures it is seasonal and licensing is required so call ahead and find out when and what is in season while you visit the beautiful Everglades of South Florida.

In The Sights Fishing Tours

If you are looking for near shore, canal or reservoir fishing we take pride in knowing we have some of the finest captains in the area ready to put you on some honey holes and rod bending times. So whether you are a single fisherman on fly or a group of 4 casting and trolling; we will do our best to make sure your arms are sore at the end of the day. The fishing side of In the Sights, is all catch and release.

(Included: fishing licenses, tackle, baits,
flies, beverages and snacks. Lunch
included on 6 hour fishing)

Skiff: (2 people) 4 hrs $500, 6 hrs $750
Airboat: (Up to 4 people) 4 hrs $600, 6 hrs $850
Land based fishing guide $100 for 1st
hour, $50 per hour after first.

Backcountry and Flats: (Up to 2 people)
Skiff: $600 4 hrs, $800 6 hrs

In The Sights Hunting Tours

When hunting in archery, crossbow, muzzle loader or riffle, we have stands in all the right places. While on land our hunting guides always get the perfect sight in the cross hairs. If stalking is more your speed, the Osceola turkey, hog and deer need to be aware as we comb the Big Cypress National Preserve in the Corn Dance Unit.

We are a licensed permitted guide of the preservation and management of the Big Cypress National Preserve. Animals have to be managed in the US National Parks. Because we are part of the management team and involved with the preservation and conservation efforts we do harvest the quota they ask us to do. All National Parks have animal management, if not the populations would be so out of control folks could not enjoy the friendly atmosphere of nature for it could not survive if not managed. They give us number tags and we only do those tags to assist the Park.

Part of the history and living off of Nature is eating healthy. Not only do we eat saw grass, mushrooms, lemon grass and drink the water filtered from palm fronds, we get our protein from animals. Animals, that are not induced with vaccines or hormones. Again, we are not high fence outfitters, not trappers, not just a hunting company that goes and kills year round. We harvest very little, but our sportsmen that do come, have a chance to hunt in a place that is off the beaten path from the norm and requires a great deal of luck and lottery to be able to hunt it. This is a fragile environment and knowing we are here to allow others an opportunity of a life time, but yet, keep it regulated and keep the numbers balanced to save our Preserve; then we are happy to assist the Park.

Included: beverages, snacks, quartering, cooler,
guide and Buggy when needed.
Not Included: hunting license, stamps, tags,
hunting attire, boots, guns and ammo
Must be 12 years or older to hunt or go with
accompanying adult.

All licenses, tags and stamps can be found here:

$300 per person per hog, bag limit 2 hogs per
hunter, hunt all day if needed. No hogs bagged
$175 per hunt.
– 2 hour drive from Miami

$850 per hunt per deer, All day hunt (With Buggy
inside National Preserve), Bag limit 1 deer per
hunter, No deer bagged $500 per hunt.
Additional hunter $425, no more than 2 hunters
per guide.
– 1.45 hour drive from Miami

$650 per hunt, 1/2 day hunts, 10 inch plus
beards, trophy fee $150. No bag birds $400 for
hunt. Additional hunter with group $300. No more
than 2 hunters per guide.
– 1.45 hour drive from Miami

$600 per Night (Client pulled tagged, gator up to
$750 per Night (1 ENT tag, gator up to 9’11”)
Trophy fee $250 10′ or more
– 1 hour drive from Miami (unless pulled tags in
different area)
– Tags in different area than 3B will incur a travel