Blades in the Glades, “Feeling like you’re flying through the grass.” The first reported airboat in Florida, USA was in 1920 by Glenn Curtiss (1905 Associate of Dr. Alexander Graham Bell’s “Ugly Duckling”) named “Curtis Scooter.” By the 1930’s the airboats (fan boats) were flooding the swamps and marshes of Florida and Louisiana. This huge discovery set the tone for all future tours in the Everglades’ waters.

Though the water/land craft has come a long way since then, it maintains the best and only method of touring and adventuring through the River of Grass without causing severe damage to its eco system. The River of Grass also known as the Florida Everglades is undisturbed nature that dates back 15,000 years. Its breath taking views goes further than the Iguazu Falls. The Everglades vastly preserved eco system is 1.4 million acres made up of grasslands and hardwood hammocks.

From single person private tours to large group tours this smooth sliding ride is like no other in the world. This custom water tour will have you seeing and hearing remarkable stories of its history, its present and what the future holds for it. You will see beautiful flowers, trees and animal life found no where else in the world. Just outside of Miami lies an uncultivated home of the cold sharp toothed Florida Alligator, which welcomes everyone to their home. So step out of the sand and concrete of Miami and let’s ride and slide in the River of Grass together.