*At any point during any and all ENT tours you have the possibility of seeing and photographing the following animals that live in the Everglades National Park and The Big Cypress National Preserve:

Mammals Reptiles Amphibians
Florida White Tail Deer Alligator Florida Cottonmouth Florida Cricket Frog
Florida Black Bear Green & Brown Anole Knight Anole Oak Toad
Florida Panther Florida Scarlet Snake Eastern Racer Southern Toad
Red Fox Squirrel Boa Constrictor Eastern Diamondback Greenhouse Frog
Gray Squirrel Southern Ringneck Snake Eastern Indigo Snake Eastern Narrow-Mouth Toad
Raccoon Corn Snake Yellow Rat Snake Green Tree Frog
Opossum Everglades Rat Snake Southeastern Five-Lined Skink Squirrel Tree Frog
Florida Bobcat Eastern Mud Snake Tokay Gecko Cuban Tree Frog
Wild Feral Hogs Indopacific Gecko Tropical House Gecko Florida Chorus Frog
Rabbits Eastern Hognose Snake Common Iguana Little Grass Frog
Armadillo Florida King Snake Scarlet King Snake Pig Frog
Nutria Eastern Coach Whip Eastern Coral Snake Southern Leopard Frog
Beaver Mangrove Salt Marsh Snake Florida Water Snake Eastern Spade Foot Toad
Skunk Florida Green Water Snake Brown Water Snake Two-Toed Amphiuma
Otter Rough Green Snake Island Glass Lizard Peninsula Newt
Raccoon Eastern Glass Lizard Burmese Python Everglades Dwarf Siren
Opossum Brahminy Blind Snake Striped Crayfish Snake Greater Siren
 Grey Fox Ground Skink South Florida Swamp Snake  
Coyote Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake Florida Reef Snake  
  Eastern Garter Snake Florida Soft Shell Turtle  
  Florida Snapping Turtle Florida Chicken Turtle  
  Gopher Tortoise Striped Mud Turtle  
  Florida Mud Turtle Diamondback Terrapin  
  Peninsula Cooter Florida Red Belly Turtle  
  Stinkpot Florida Box Turtle  
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