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Everglades Nature Tours offers airboat, swamp buggy, canoe, kayak, pole boat, flat bottom boats, fan boats, game trail hikes, swamp walking tours as well as guided hunting and fishing excursions in the Everglades and Big Cypress.

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Private Everglades Adventure Tours

  • Everglades Nature Tours owners have in combination over 88 years of customer satisfaction in the travel and tourism industry.

  • Our Everglades Tour Guides have a plethora of knowledge of the Everglades.

  • Our Professional Gladesmen have over 20 years in the Everglades, several have over 35 years of experience.

  • English and Spanish speaking tours are readily available. All other languages need to inquire about translators.

  • We care about your vacation, we customize your Glades experience to fit your interests and your liking.

  • All our guides love to show off the Everglades and they consider it their home.

Customized, One On One Personal Everglades Eco Tour Guides

  • You will learn about the History of the Everglades and experience the Everglades Ecosystem including the Everglades seasons, trees, flowers, animals, birds and reptiles.

  • No cages, no feeders, no animal care givers. This is as wild, adventurous tour as you will find in the South Florida (SoFlo) Everglades.

  • Natural habitat tours for those who want to get back to nature or tour the footsteps of the Tequesta Callusa Seminole and Miccosukee Indians.

  • No two tours are alike. It’s not only always an adventure for you as a visitor but for your professional and permitted Everglades guide as well.

  • Our tours are not just a ride or a walk. We pride ourselves in making our tours informative, educational and fun for the whole family. Don’t be persuaded to just go on a boat ride filled with folks you don't know because it’s inexpensive, take a tour that you will remember the rest of your life; because you'll get to experience a unique ecosystem up close and personally.

US Coast Guard Certified Fishing Boat Captains Trained Our Airboat Operators

  • All our fishing boat captains are US Coast Guard Certified 100 Ton Masters and none have less than 25 years of chartering experience worldwide. Our Chief Captain of Airboat operations is a REAL maritime captain and has rigidly trained all of our airboat operators via the standard navigable US Coast Guard regulations and programs. All tour operators are skilled and educated at being mechanics and work on their boat's maintenance on a regular schedule. They have been trained how to handle most situations should they arise. This alone, makes Everglades Nature Tours stand tall and proud of our safety and reliability aspects and what makes us different.

  • Everglades Nature Tours is licensed and permitted commercial operators in the Big Cypress National Preserve, Everglades National Park, Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida.

  • All Everglades Nature Tours boat operators have over 10 years of Everglades airboat experience.

Customized Everglades Nature Tours Is Non-Commercialized and Privately Owned

  • We care about your vacation and customize your Glades Adventure to fit your interests and your liking.  All Tours are reservation only and the point of meet and touring differ with every tour.  All information is emailed with details for each venue as each tour is very special and the time of the year will change our location for touring.  Please know the addresses and areas on this site are an approximation so you can get your bearings.

  • One on one Everglades tours with personal and attentive guides to areas in the Everglades where there is no crowds or tourist traps.

  • We encourage stepping outside the box and getting off the beaten path.

  • We assist with transfer service upon request from Islamorada to North Miami Beach.

  • Secluded from public view and paparazzi. We can take you were most media photographers will never go.

  • Everglades Nature Tours caters to the South Eastern Everglades. Having such a diverse company with activities over 50 square miles, we will not pin point an exact address until you are booking. We serve to mostly those visiting Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Naples to Islamorada Key with everyone and everything in between. (More information about our location see FAQ pages)

  • We ensure the utmost safety where our customers are concerned as we understand the potential hazards the Everglades can hold. From our airboats to our buggies and everything in between; we are a private sector company with higher than normal commercial insurances, including our vehicles and trailers. Ask our Chief of Operations at the venues to see our documents if you have any doubts. We have tried to cover every possible angle to ensure a wonderful and safe vacation for you and your family.  We also have emergency help at just a stone's throw away at all times. 

What To Wear and Bring on your Everglades Private Adventure Tour

  • Sunny Southern Florida has 3 temperatures: cool, warm and hot. Depending on the time of year please dress accordingly. If rain is called for on your day of touring wear rain gear or poncho (ponchos do not do well on airboat to keep you dry).

  • No matter what the weather wear closed toe shoes that can get muddy or wet, wear a hat to block the sun, wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • Binoculars, Camera, video camera and water pouch for cell phone in case of rain.

  • Combination tours should think about packing a snack or lunch. There are areas very close to tours to purchase something to eat.

  • Always bring your friends…

What You Need To Know About Touring The Everglades:

  • Any and all tourist with allergies to plants, bees, molds, pollens and other allergens found in the wild should come prepared.

  • No bathroom facilities while on tour.We allow animals on our buggies and airboat tours. They are not allowed on the seats nor are they allowed off our boats or buggies. Animals must be leashed or in a small travel cage/bag (for small dogs only).

  • All animals on tour must be under 50 pounds.

  • NO animals are allowed on canoe, fishing, kayak or adventure hikes and walks.

  • Cell service can sometimes be compromised. All tours through Everglades Nature Tours have emergency personal locator devices in case problems should arise.

Memorial Day, book 2 people and 3rd one goes for free! **Valid only on Monday May 28th 2018